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These are the different posts I wrote during and after my working experience in the “World’s Best Restaurant” (by San Pellegrino’s 50 Best Restaurants list) - Noma of Copenhagen.

  • I started off by researching the modern cuisine of Northern Europe in the post What is the New Nordic cuisine?
  • Then I got into details about the work at Noma, seen from the inside in
    My time and place at Noma - what it’s really like to rub shoulders with amazing and innovative chefs.
  • And what would it be worth working and working, without seeing the end result from a guest’s perspective? Noma – The Epic Meal rounded off my time in Copenhagen.

In addition to this, published on Katie Parla’s blog “Parla Food“, is a post about the life in the Food Lab where Noma chefs develop new dishes and research ingredients.
The same article can be found on Scatti Di Gusto in Italiano.


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