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Cherriness - Ciliegie pugliesi

July 15, 2008 - 4:51 am 2 Comments

To celebrate cherry season I´ve made a delicious cherry dessert “all-in-a-glass”…
I found some beautiful cherries from the region of Puglia.

It´s got creaminess and crunch and the fresh cherries with their slightly tart flavour balances the whole thing to make you want to have another one!

Let´s start from the bottom with a cherry and mascarpone creme, slightly jacked up with some lemon juice and lemon peel. It has both cherry puree and whole pieces. Next layer is just fresh cherries cut nicely into pieces. On top of the cherries we have a dry Prosecco-gelee, a meringue mousse, black cardamom pie crumbles and caramel fragments.

Chicken and figs - Pollo e fichi

July 14, 2008 - 7:54 pm No Comments

Chicken rillette on rucola, on the serving spoon a salad of barley with herbs and a smoked milk creme. Oven baked fig filled with roquefort and almonds on top of a fig gelee. Port wine reduction.

Rillette di pollo su rucola. Cucchiaio con insalata di orzo e crema di latte affumicato. Gelatina di fichi e fico ripieno di roquefort e mandorle. Riduzione di porto.

Buon appetito!