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Stuffed baby squid - Calamaretti ripieni

September 30, 2009 - 2:26 am 2 Comments


Baby squid stuffed with pumpernickel and porcini mushrooms, served with bitter lemon and black pepper purée, caramelized salicornia.


Calamaretti ripieni di funghi porcini e pane nero, servito con purea amara di limone e pepe nero, salicornia (asparagi di mare) caramellata.


Salicornia is known by many names: beach asparagus, glasswort, samphire, sea beans. They are a succulent halophyte, (meaning it tolerates salt water) a plant which grows along beaches, marshes, and mangroves around the world. You will for example find salicornia near the high tide mark along sandy or pebbly beaches, usually between May and August.
The succulent knotted stems can be eaten fresh, they make a salty crunchy snack, and retain that pleasing crunch even after cooking. The flavor is subtle, a salty taste of the sea with a hint of wild green. You can steam them, boil them, sautee them, deep-fry them or blanch them and then serve with lemon and oil.
Its marine flavor makes it a perfect companion for fish and seafood.
Salicornia also make an excellent pickled garnish. Pickling means you can have it whenever inspiration strikes.