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Summer food for me has to be fresh and light. One of the best summer time combinations is acidity and salt - something I´ve seen being used a lot during my travels in warmer countries around the globe. (OK, I admit it´s not that hard to find countries warmer than Sweden!)

Here I´ve made a simple salad of glass noodles, thinly shaved fennel, daikon, cucumber, courgette and dill.
As a condiment for the salad I made a vinaigrette with lemon and orange juice and extra vergine olive oil.
The fish fillet of mullet (triglia) has been soaked in a mixture of lemon juice, extra vergine olive oil and whole spices. On top a sprinkle of black Hawaiian sea salt. (Thank you Marlène!)

* Ceviche is a dish with its origins in South America. It consists of seafood, commonly white flesh fish, marinated in lime juice together with additional ingredients like onion, garlic and chili. Almost every type of seafood can be used - fish, shrimps, oysters, clams, squid, lobster…
In the lime juice, because of its acidity, the proteins in the seafood denatures and the meat “cooks” and turns whiter. Traditionally served with corn, sweet potatoes or tortillas.

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