The heat is on

August 12, 2008 - 7:20 pm 1 Comment

This plate I made as I quite light summer dish. With the heat of Rome in summer you don´t really feel like any heavy food at all. I like to use the ingredients that are in season as far as possible, and that´s what I did here with the porcini and apricots.
Sour dough crusted beef, endive with an apricot vinaigrette, tarragon, porcini rice crepe and a demi-glace with balsamic vinegar.
Manzo in crosta di pane al lievito naturale, indivia belga con vinaigrette all´albicocca, dragoncello, “crepe” di riso e funghi porcini, demi-glace con aceto balsamico.

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