Oranges & chocolate - Arance & cioccolato

November 3, 2008 - 9:52 pm 3 Comments

Some more playing around in the dessert section, seems like my sweet tooth is coming out when we go towards winter and “colder” weather. (I write “colder” because here in Rome cold doesn´t really mean “cold” - it´s just not hot)

This is a delicious experimental sunday dessert. The half sphere is made of two layers of joconde biscuit and in between an orange mousse with orange flower water and Grand Marnier. Chocolate gelee and orange confit. Served with crème anglaise.
Too “bad” I had to eat it all by myself…almost…


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  1. Gregory Says:

    I’m curious about that triangle(decor).
    A base is a chocolate, but how the orange lines were made?

  2. John Says:

    Hi there!

    Well the chocolate triangle is basically tempered chocolate spread out thin on a sheet of plastic film (like OH-film) that already has those lines of orange colored chocolate. These sort of sheets can be bought ready-made with different patterns in specialized stores or you could try doing it yourself by drawing lines of white chocolate on a sheet of OH-film and once its solidified you add a layer of tempered dark chocolate on top.

    Have fun!

    / john

  3. Fredric Sharpe Says:

    PS : je suis un humain, pas un satan? bot, je poste ce message car c’est vraiment un excellent plat !

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